• Connecting the Cleantech Community

    The Cleantech Innovation Bridge (CIB) matches clean energy researchers and early-stage ventures with corporations seeking innovative energy technologies and solutions. The program is accelerating the pace of clean energy innovation in the Midwest region and beyond through real business opportunities between corporations and startups.



  • Process

    Corporations participating in the CIB undergo a discovery process to identify emerging energy technology areas of interest. The CIB team scouts the market to identify and diligence the best startups and technologies aligned with the corporations' needs. The CIB culminates in a private showcase event in which innovators present and demonstrate their solutions to interested corporations through a demo day event.

    STEP 1

    CIB will engage with corporate partners to discover, catalog and anonymize energy and resource innovation needs. 

    STEP 2

    CIB will recruit researchers and innovators qualified to provide innovative solutions.

    STEP 3

    CIB will diligence proposed solutions on behalf of corporate partners.

    STEP 4

    CIB will match corporations with the best, curated solutions from researchers and innovators.

    STEP 5

    CIB will arrange demo-days for innovators to present solutions to corporate partners.

    STEP 6

    Corporate partners will self-select preferred paths of engagement

  • Contact us if you're interested.

    Interested in learning more about the CIB? Think your company would be a good fit with the program? Feel free to reach out to us!