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Our Vision

Cleantech Bridge is committed to creating an impact in the clean technology sector by facilitating 1 billion Euros in innovative First-of-a-kind (FOAK) investments through our equity advisory expertise, then aim higher. Centered in Germany and extending across Europe, we focus on building sustainable partnerships with sponsors, investors and banks that help fund a future where clean technology is not an option, but the norm. We strive to become the leading competence center for FOAK investments, fostering education and collaboration to drive sustainable impact.​

About us

Christian Langen        and  Tobias Schütt

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We have known each other and worked together in different contexts for almost two decades. Our passion for enabling innovation in solar and Cleantech by bringing together new investors with new business models and assets has been a theme of our cooperation for a long time, resulting in the start of Cleantech Bridge      in 2024. 

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CL und TS
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