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We structure and help finance cleantech asset portfolios

To get a new technology or application or asset bankable over time, the starting point matters. Knowing how the bankability journey works and applying those learnings early is the key to refinancing and value growth over time. We have done this before first hand and have helped others succeed. We are experts in "First-of-a-kind" (FOAK) funding and beyond.

Challenge and opportunity


How we support


Which capital sources fit to your growth strategy?

Capital is not just any money from investors. The type of funding you bring into your company will drive your strategic pathway. We help to understand the way different types of funding and investor mandates will shape your future strategic choices. While venture capital often helps to fuel rapid growth in asset-light business models, you may need more infrastructure orientied investors for an asset-heavy roll-out. We understand the differences and jointly develop the right mix of investors.


Add "as-a-service" to your product offering

Your customers and partners may require financing for capital intensive cleantech systems. Grow your business by including a financing option and structure the resulting asset portfolio in a way that creates value for all parties involved. We help to structure your cleantech asset (portfolio), develop a sensible capital stack and connect you with the right investors.


Free your own equity and build a track record

First-of-a-kind projects often require corporate sponsor equity at the beginning. Evolving the funding stack so that it replaces and releases corporate equity requires a smart approach to risk management, documentation, planning and processes. We help you to get to the next level with your stakeholders. 

In a transaction, we rely on our experience and a standardized approach with tailor-made adjustments to your specific needs, and comprehensive tools like gateway checklists, FOAK funding documentation and others. Then we identify the right equity investors and place capital.


Overcome the FOAK funding gap and scale

First-of-a-kind funding is different from financing established asset classes. As perceived risk may be higher than actual risk, bridging this gap with deep sector expertise, smart contract design and investor education will help to build a track record that will help to build scale for the next time.  

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