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Why did we found Cleantech Bridge? 

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Achieving a sustainable future largely depends on a fast and broad roll-out of clean energy assets. Successful efforts demand a colossal EUR 600 billion annual investment in new, fossil-free power generation, as indicated by EY's estimations for Germany alone.

Yet, a critical issue remains: the current cadre of investors and banks, while crucial, cannot shoulder this burden alone. This is where Cleantech Bridge steps in, recognizing a gap in understanding and funding for a specific facet of the clean tech journey: the financing of assets.

📊 Change of perspective needed: Asset Finance landscape vs. the growth capital world

Asset finance differs markedly from VC and growth finance. While the latter focuses on growth opportunities, top-line performance, and tolerance for deviations from plans, asset finance zeroes in on future cash flows and risk mitigation. A major challenge: VC funding, which is often used for initial asset financing by start-ups and scale-ups, hinders the structuring of assets for efficient infrastructure finance. Customized FOAK equity finance is the better alternative.

🌍 The Cleantech Bridge Solution: Bridging Capital and Assets in new ways

Cleantech Bridge serves as the missing link between capital and assets specifically in First-of-a-kind (FOAK) transactions for cleantech assets such as smaller scale PV and storage in new set-ups (i.e. new developers, new customer groups and new business models), retail and C+I heat pumps, commercial energy efficiency projects and much more.

While corporate finance pathways for cleantech start-ups are well-trodden, the same can't be said for assets. Cleantech Bridge pioneers a path that ensures the crucial equity financing for innovative assets, enabling the necessary infrastructure development.

🔄 Helping to understand the Equity Risk in FOAK Transactions

Equity and debt are fundamentally different products, especially in FOAK transactions. Mapping equity risk honestly and comprehensively as well as understanding the need for a complete risk management strategy before delving into equity placement is key. Cleantech Bridge, with its deep expertise, aims to unravel these complexities, ensuring fair pricing and suitable investors for FOAK assets.

🚀 Targeting Private Wealth Investors: A Unique Approach

Cleantech Bridge isn't just about filling a financial gap; it's about reshaping the investor landscape. We are targeting private wealth investors and family offices. Cleantech Bridge recognizes the need for a more entrepreneurial assessment of investment opportunities. Unlike funds with separate teams and incentives for infrastructure and corporate funding, private wealth investors offer a path adaptable to the distinctive nature of FOAK assets.

🌱 Cleantech Bridge: Transforming Strategy into Action 🚀

Cleantech Bridge extends its support to investors seeking to develop and execute investment strategies within the dynamic cleantech sector. With sustainability emerging as a colossal trend, the market potential for clean technology is immense. Cleantech Bridge stands as partner of investors in harnessing this potential, offering strategic advisory services tailored to individual investment goals. Our approach prioritizes long-term partnerships, ensuring that the investment strategy aligns efficiently with the evolving landscape of clean technology and capturing additional value through participating in FOAK opportunities.

🌐 Join the Bridge to a Sustainable Tomorrow!

Cleantech Bridge invites you to be a part of the solution. Join us in reshaping the clean technology sector, bridging the gap between capital and assets, and fostering a future where clean technology isn't just an option but the norm.

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